Anime Lab

Summer Afternoon Art Camp for 912 years and teens

    • Mon–Fri, 18th–22nd July

    • 2pm–5pm

    • Children 912 years

    • €150 per child

    • €10 sibling discount

    • All materials provided


During the Anime Lab, children will learn all about the Japanese Art of Animé.

This camp is suitable for 9–12 year old children (primary school pupil from 4th to 6th class).

In the Anime Lab children will be involved in a range of fun games, activities, drawing challenges, and, of course, a snack break. They will learn to sketch lights and shadows, depict their character’s movement and characterise them using facial expressions. Students will apply the new skills to create their very own Animé character.

  • Learn how to draw emotions and expressions through facial cues.

  • Learn how to depict movement in character design.

  • Work with proportion and lighting in drawings.

✅ All materials are provided at the camp.

✅ There will be a short break during the camp: students can bring some snacks and a drink.

⚠️ Please make sure you are enrolling your child in the appropriate age group.

⚠️ Please do not wear fancy clothes: it is an art camp, and things can get messy.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: if your child has any special needs, we need to know in advance. If a student has an SNA at school, we ask that the student has the SNA or parent attending the camp with them.

We are located at the Booterstown Pastoral Centre: