Creative Art Classes and Art Camps for talented children to master different techniques and learn about the greatest artists in a fun and inspiring way

Summer Art Camps ☀️ 2024

Unleash Your Child’s Creativity at Cherry Art School’s🍒 Summer Art Camps! 🎨✨

Is your child passionate about art and eager to learn new techniques while exploring the works of the greatest artists? Look no further than Cherry Art School 🍒 Summer Art Camps ☀️!

Led by professional artists, our camps provide a dynamic and inspiring environment where young artists can:

But that's not all! Our camps are designed to be as fun as they are educational. Campers will enjoy:

Give your child the gift of creativity this summer. Enroll them in Cherry Art School’s Summer Art Camps and watch their artistic talents blossom!

Sign up today and let the summer of creativity begin!☀️

Young Architects
(8–12 y.o.)


Cartoon Academy
(6–9 y.o.)


Comics Lab
(8–12 y.o.)


Anime Lab
(9–15 y.o.)


Children Art Classes

Term 4, Mount Merrion

Term 4, Booterstown

This is what Cherry Art School students do:

Working next to each other, having snack breaks, and playing exciting games, children develop excellent social and collaborative skills: