Lavery. On Location. National Gallery Tour

We are very lucky to have an opportunity to visit the "Lavery. On Location." Art Exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland on 22 October 2023. We are proud to share the amazing experience our young artists had during this museum tour.

The visit to the Lavery Art Exhibition was truly exceptional, providing our budding artists with a unique opportunity to witness the masterpieces of the renowned Irish artist, Sir John Lavery, in person. We consider such museum visits crucial for the development of creative thinking in young artists. Being in the presence of the actual artworks allows them to observe every brushstroke close up, feel the essence of art, and draw inspiration directly from the source.

Our young artists left the exhibition with a profound understanding of John Lavery's extraordinary talent, inspired by his artistic achievements. 

We are grateful to the National Gallery of Ireland for their seamless organisation and our guide Nadya, whose professional expertise and engaging approach made the tour both informative and inspiring for young students. 

At Cherry Art School, we redefine the museum experience for children, making it interactive, playful, and, most importantly, fun. Our commitment is not just to educate but to make every museum visit an enjoyable adventure for our students. We firmly believe that learning should be a joyful journey.

Thank you all for the privilege of visiting such an exceptional exhibition and opportunity to share this brilliant experience with our talented students.

We look forward to more adventures and artistic journeys together.

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