Little Picassos

Summer Morning Art Camp for 6–8 years


This popular five-day Art Camp is run by a practising professional artist. The camp will cover a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, modelling, fun stories, and games from the Visual Arts Curriculum. This camp is suitable for 6-8 year old children (primary school pupil from 1st to 3rd class).

During this summer camp children will be introduced to a range of materials and techniques which will give them the tools to express their own ideas imaginatively and expand their visual language. We will make art out of everything, — even the most ordinary things, —  and will even create our own sculptures similar to Pablo Picasso’s.

Working next to each other, having snack breaks, and playing exciting games, children will develop excellent social and collaborative skills.

✅ All materials are provided at the camp.

✅ There will be a short break during the camp: students can bring some snacks and a drink.

⚠️ Please make sure you are enrolling your child in the appropriate age group.

⚠️ Please do not wear fancy clothes: it is an art camp, and things can get messy. 

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: if  your child has any special needs, we need to know in advance. If a student has an SNA at school, we ask that the student has the SNA or parent attending the camp with them.

We are located at the Booterstown Pastoral Centre: