Comics Club

Summer Morning Art Camp for 6–8 years


For all Dog Man, Cat Kid, Captain and other comics fans this camp is for you. Get ready to explore what a great comic book looks like. This camp is suitable for 6-8 year old children (primary school pupil from 1st to 3rd class).

Campers will learn about the universe of comics and create their own projects. They will design a character from unusual materials and develop their story using the rules of storytelling. During this course children will work on drawing and inking a 3-page comic book as their final project.

Working next to each other, having snack breaks, and playing exciting games, children will develop excellent social and collaborative skills.

✅ All materials are provided at the camp.

✅ There will be a short break during the camp: students can bring some snacks and a drink.

⚠️ Please make sure you are enrolling your child in the appropriate age group.

⚠️ Please do not wear fancy clothes: it is an art camp, and things can get messy. 

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: if  your child has any special needs, we need to know in advance. If a student has an SNA at school, we ask that the student has the SNA or parent attending the camp with them.

We are located at the Booterstown Pastoral Centre: