About Us

Our Philosophy

Working in small groups allows us to pay attention to each student and grow their individual creativity. We are teaching academic arts in a fun and interactive way, letting children develop their own creative thinking from early years. Our goal is to keep students open-minded and support growth mindset in them.

We strongly believe that art helps children to become adults with vision. At Cherry Art School, students discover secrets of colour, shapes, forms, textures, and space. Looking at the world with their eyes wide open, our students learn to choose the right artistic tools for expressing their ideas in beautiful masterpieces.

Our Programme

  • Our lessons are for children from 6 to 12 years old.

  • All the classes are built in a fun and interactive way to develop creative thinking in our students from early years.

  • The classes are a combination of different techniques, styles and crafts.

  • During the school year, children learn about various colours, shapes, spaces, forms, and textures.

  • Children learn about composition, what is it for and why it is so important.

  • Appropriate for their age groups, children study works of famous artists and learn by their example.

  • In younger groups, we start learning from simple abstract study of color and space, learn about rhythms and movements.

  • In elder groups we also talk about art history, different styles, most famous paintings and artists. Students master their skills and build up confidence.

Our Team


Julia is a practicing artist and interior designer, Masters of Arts and Design accredited by Royal Institute of British Architects. Her internationally renowned artworks could be found in private collections all around the world.

Passionate about art, Julia always dreamt of creating a wonderland for children and adults where all — even the most unbelievable — ideas could be expressed and implemented. There, in a positive and encouraging atmosphere, she would inspire people and fill their lives with creativity and sense of fulfilment.

Cherry Art School is where Julia's dream came true. Running camps, classes, exclusive workshops, and plein-airs Julia shares her love for art and experience with her students.

About Cherry Art School


During Covid-19, we launched our YouTube channel with art classes to support children and adults during that tough period. In two year it evolved into Cherry Art School, named after our beloved Cherry, an adorable black pug. She is so artistic that we believe she was an artist in previous life. Indeed, Cherry is left-pawed, and she loves stealing and chewing pencils as much as starring in our YouTube videos. Cherry is a pure inspiration and a real boss for all of us.