Comics Lab Summer Art Camp

Comics Lab Summer Art Camp


We invite 8–12 year old children to join the Comics Lab Summer Art Camp and have fun learning to draw their favourite cartoon characters and making their own comic books.

Campers will explore the universe of comics and design their own comic book characters. They will design a character from unusual materials and develop their story using the rules of storytelling. 

During this exciting course, children will create and present their own comics. We will make full-sized comic book covers and sound effects action posters.

Working next to each other, having snack breaks, and playing exciting games, children will develop excellent social and collaborative skills.

✅ All materials are provided at the camp.

✅ There will be a short break during the camp: students can bring some snacks and a drink.

⚠️ Please make sure you are enrolling your child in the appropriate age group.

⚠️ Please do not wear fancy clothes: it is an art camp, and things can get messy. 

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: if  your child has any special needs, we need to know in advance. If a student has an SNA at school, we ask that the student has the SNA or parent attending the camp with them.

Cherry Art School 🍒 Summer Art Camps ☀️ are located at the Mount Merrion Community Centre: