Anime Lab Summer Art Camp

Anime Lab Summer Art Camp


The Anime Lab Summer Art Camp is an exciting opportunity for children between the ages of 9-15 to immerse themselves in the world of Japanese Animé art. Designed to be both fun and educational, the camp offers a range of activities for skill levels from beginners to advanced. Exciting games, drawing challenges, and snack breaks are included throughout the day.This summer Camp is ideal for Teens.

Campers will learn how to sketch lights and shadows, depict movement and create expressive characters using facial cues. They will also have the opportunity to put these skills into practice by creating their very own Animé character. It is an excellent opportunity for children who have an interest in art, animation, or Japanese culture to explore their passions in a supportive and fun environment.

Students will have the opportunity to work with professional Animé artists, who will guide them through the process of character design, proportion, and lighting. By the end of the camp, participants will have gained valuable skills in drawing and character design, as well as a deeper appreciation of Japanese Animé art. 

✅ All materials are provided at the camp.

✅ There will be a short break during the camp: students can bring some snacks and a drink.

⚠️ Please make sure you are enrolling your child in the appropriate age group.

⚠️ Please do not wear fancy clothes: it is an art camp, and things can get messy.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: if  your child has any special needs, we need to know in advance. If a student has an SNA at school, we ask that the student has the SNA attending the camp with them. Please contact us before booking for more info.

Cherry Art School 🍒 Summer Art Camps ☀️ are located at the Mount Merrion Community Centre: